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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are here to help, if by any chance you still have any questions reach out to us through
    If my steaks arrive partially thawed, are they still good? Yes, your steaks will still be good as long as the product feels cool to the touch. The quality is not diminished, and because we seal our steaks in Cryovac, you can refrigerate or refreeze until you are ready to eat them. Lobster tails, fish and chicken should not be refrozen. But as long as they arrive cool to the touch, they can be put in the refrigerator to be eaten within seven days. What if my steaks are a brown color? Steaks commonly have a deep brown color when the oxygen has been removed from the packaging (part of the Cryovac process). But don't worry, once the product is thawed and the meat is re-exposed to air, your steaks will return to a red color. What is the best type of steak? Selecting which type of steak to enjoy is your personal decision. Bone-in steaks can create a dramatic presentation and boast tons of flavor, boneless tend to be easier to carve, which some find more convenient. Whether it’s a N.Y. Strip , Rib Eye or Porterhouse, the best type of steak is the one that you prefer. Our steaks are perfect for any occasion and our steaks are available in a variety of cuts and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Why are my steaks different thicknesses when I only ordered one size? Our steaks are cut by weight, so the thickness of each steak may vary slightly. How long will my steaks last in the freezer? Your steaks will last for up to a year after receiving them, but for unsurpassed freshness, quality and flavor , we recommend enjoying them within six months. I just placed an order online. How will I know that it has been delivered? If you provided an email address we will send you a shipment notification with a tracking number. Can I ship to an apartment? Yes! But usually the carriers will not leave your package outside the door if no one is home or if no one answers the door of an apartment or the apartment complex. We cannot be responsible if a delivery attempt was made on time and the recipient was not home to receive the package. It is your responsibility to inform your recipient of their scheduled delivery. What happen if I provided an incorrect ship to address ? Always double check your order confirmation. Please call us as soon as you notice any address errors. We will do everything possible to make sure the order is shipped to the correct address. Please be advised that if an incorrect address was provided, and the food is shipped/delivered to the incorrect address, we will be happy to reship your meals to the correct address. However, we will have to charge you for any reshipment of your order. * Because the product is perishable, orders that are already in transit cannot be rerouted or canceled. How will my order be shipped? Your order is packed in a sturdy reusable insulated cooler with plenty of dry ice to ensure the products remain frozen or chilled during shipment. Can I have my order sent to more than one address? Unfortunately we cannot split an order to be shipped to two different addresses. What do I do with the dry ice that is in the cooler? Do not touch the ice with your bare hands! You may leave it in the cooler and place the cooler outside. The ice will evaporate within 24 hours. Please use caution around children and pets as many will think this is a toy. What if there isn't any dry ice in the cooler? All shipments are sent in Styrofoam insulated coolers with dry ice. It is quite common to have no dry ice remaining in the insulated cooler when your order arrives. If this is the case don’t be concerned! As long as the product is cool to the touch, the quality has not been diminished. You may refreeze the product if the product remains in the original Cryovac packaging. Or refrigerate the product to enjoy within seven days. Exceptions: Any chicken or seafood, should not be refrozen. However as long as they are cool to the touch, they can be stored in the refrigerator and eaten within seven days of arrival. Where do you ship? Currently, we ship to the continental United States. Please note that we do not ship to PO Boxes or APO/ FPO addresses. Do I have to be home to except delivery? You do not have to be home to accept delivery. We do not recommend shipping to businesses as the Home Delivery services are for residential delivery only. FedEx is completely in control of shipping so we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. Your Orders Are Handled with Care. One of the most important aspects of our service is delivery: getting our products to your door as quickly as possible! We hand pack your order in thick, reusable Styrofoam coolers with blocks of dry ice to keep your order frozen and ensure that every order arrives in perfect condition. How do I redeem a gift certificate? Gift certificates purchased after July 10, 2013 can be redeemed directly on our website at the checkout. Simply check the "I have a gift certificate" option and you will be prompted for your gift certificate number. If you purchased or received your gift certificate(s) prior to July 10, 2013, you can redeem them by calling one of our Food Specialists, at 631-694-1111 to receive a new Gift Certificate number. What form of payment do you accept? For online orders the methods of payment that we accept are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Debit Cards or Company Gift Certificates. Gift certificates may be combined with Debit/Credit Cards or PayPal. *Please make sure to enter the gift certificate first! I don't like to buy over the Internet because I'm concerned about security. How else can I place an order? We use state-of-the-art encryption methods to ensure your security, but if you are still worried about Internet purchases, you may call 631-694-1111 and speak with one of our food specialists to place your order. Are there any contracts or commitments with Prime Cop? Absolutely not. Some companies ask you to commit or lock you in with regular monthly shipments. At Prime Chop, all we ask is that you give our premium gourmet service a chance, and when you like your experience, you can reorder at any time, and as much or as little as you'd like. Food always makes a great gift! Prime Chop is often given as a gift for the Holidays, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's day, Anniversaries, Get Well, Sympathy, Thank You, a special gift for him/her, Housewarming, Congratulations, New Mothers/Parents, those recuperating from an illness or injury, or any gift giving event. Prime Chop makes great corporate gifts as well.
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